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Hold up wait a minute ….. I actually found a one piece that fits me and I still can’t believe it! For the longest time I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a Solid & Striped one piece the Anne-Marie to be exact. Ever since that social media take over last 4th of July with Taylor Swift & squad, yes I admit it I’ve been wanting one ever since. Since I’ve purchased my new favorite bathing suit I basically live in it. By far my one of my favorite purchases of the season, not to mention I got a deal on it via a Net-A-Porter sale!



From the Jersey Shore featured above to a quaint little beach Island in LI, NY – Fire Island to be exact this suit is making its rounds. The million dollar question whats the next  beach destination for my suit of the summer ?! Stay tuned to find out !!!


Swim Suit ! – Solid and Striped

Sandals – Sam Edelman ( these are an older style but I’m sure they have something similar )


xX Ro




 Brining back the infamous hashtag #BARRRCA2014 because it really was a trip for the books ! Rewind 3 years ago September 2014,  a bottle of wine an 8 hour flight mind you senza TV’s and four of my best friends it was an interesting flight to say the least.

Touch down and welcome to beautiful Barcelona ! First things first is there any wifi because these days its sad to say but we are dependent on technology and being connected at all times.

Browse below and checkout some snaps from one of my favorite trips!

 Some of my favorite sites

Sagrada Familia


La Rambla

  IMG_2932_1024   Cafe con lecheIMG_2656_1024

Parc Güell


Theses are just a few snaps but there’s so much to see in this beautiful city, I would definitely recommend making it one of your longer trips. Maybe a 5,6 day trip or longer to really enjoy, site see and live like the natives. Living like the natives require cafe con leche, cured meats a siesta in the afternoon and super duper late dinner. Honestly I was in heaven whats better then amazing coffee, cured meat ( i wasn’t a VEGGIE at the time) and having a mid afternoon siesta. All this while being surround by such beautiful art and architecture. Barcelona is truly a beautiful city and hope to be back one day soon !


Adios –  xX Ro

Dumbo, Brooklyn

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      Dumbo, Brooklyn located between two iconic landmarks the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. Making it one of the ultimate picturesque spots, a photographer junkies dream location. I think you all know the famous Dumbo picture I’m talking about, right ? Well if not keep reading and scrolling , you’ll see a few of my favorite snaps from the day and me too.

   Williamsburg to Dumbo please ! Via Uber it took about 25 minutes and obviously its wasn’t a traffic free ride because when is there ever not traffic. Dropped off at a random location that on google maps looked close enough to the infamous Dumbo photo spot. Since directions and following google maps isn’t my forte the idea to follow all the people with cameras seemed like the sure thing to do. It worked and everyone around had the exact same reasoning for walking that way. I mean it really is one of prettiest views and so quaint. Cobblestone streets, a view of the bridge and NYC skyline in the distance really sets the tone for a great photo opp.


On to the next location the Historic District I’m not sure we really made it but we came across everything we wanted. Brownstones, colorful homes, quaint streets, cobblestone streets and beautiful water views of Manhattan. Walking our way through Dumbo we came across some great looking spots for a bites and treats.  To name a few the infamous Grimaldi’s – On the corner of Old Fulton and Front Streets for bites and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for treats.


 My Carrie Bradshaw moment below !


Outfit details ….  Blazer: H&M, Jeans: Gap, Tee: Gap, Flats: Zara & Bag: Elizabeth & James   ( sold out but for reference, huge fan of E&J can’t go wrong ) 



xX, Ro