Brooklyn, you’re my favorite.

Eats & Drinks

        New York, New York made up of 5 boroughs and one of my favorites for a while has been Brooklyn. Lets not get to carried away theres nothing quite like Manhattan but Brooklyn in my opinion is runner up. Honestly not even runner up I think it may be my fav, it has the city feel mixed with quaint historic charm.  I don’t know if it connects me to my Italian roots; but back in the day parts of Brooklyn was filled with Italians and that old Italian charm. Brooklyn is huge though and those “Italian” parts of it yes are nice and always such fun to visit especially 18th Avenue to get my cannoli and cappuccino fix; but those aren’t the parts of BK I’ve been crushing on.


    Hello Williamsburg ! People call it the new Manhattan an has been an up and coming neighborhood for years now. Williamsburg marries that city charm with a new and old feel, filled with tons of artistic charm ( you can find pretty much a cool mural and graffiti art anywhere you look ). If you know me I love good wall art and never miss an opportunity for a photo opp !

    Along with great wall art Williamsburg is filled with great EATS and obvi great coffee ! This past week one of my best babes invited me along for a little BK adventure and our first stop was Rider. If you haven’t heard of them check them out and if you love everything grey and monochromatic you’ll love the vibes inside.

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       On the menu they serve breakfast until 11am on weekdays and lunch until 4pm and of course on the weekends  brunch hours are 11am – 4pm.  We grabbed some breakfast K got Hotel Lobby which are eggs with either a choice of sautéed veggies  or meat, she went with veggies. I went with Avocado Toast served with a poached egg and of course we did drip coffees all around ! Fun fact we are both vegetarians, she’s dairy free and I’m a struggling dairy free gal. I swear I’m slightly lactose intolerant but can’t seem to pass up cheese every now and then.  It makes going out for eats with her easy since we share a very similar lifestyle. Overall I would say that Rider is on my  list of places to go back to.  Next time I’m thinking brunch the banana french toast looks amazing and so does the cocktail list!

Next stop Woops for you guessed it another coffee and macarons, this time an almond milk latte. See that I got almond milk me being dairy free but I do have to say when it comes to coffee I either drink it black or with dairy free milk. This little bakeshop is the cutest from the great tiled floors to cute table tops. When we walked in it was filled with so many young peeps. Every other table had either a laptop or camera on it. one could call it an unofficial office for the freelance employed.  Also no joke a baby photoshoot was going on in the corner, an actual photoshoot.

Picture first then dig in !

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   Hope you enjoyed a little taste of Williamsburg via Royour_boat !  Keep checking back for the next adventure – Brooklyn part II

xX Ro