3 Months & counting …


They say the saying goes time flies when your having fun, I can’t say its been all fun or easy but time sure is flying. Three whole months since I started my newest gig and I really still can’t believe it.  I mean I’m there Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM on good days so I really should believe it. If you were to press the rewind button and go back four/ five months ago I really couldn’t promise my answer would be an optimistic one.  An answer to a question regarding work I’m referring to.  Prior to starting this new gig the months leading up to it weren’t the easiest but looking back it now can’t say I don’t miss it at times.


It took a minute to get back in the grove maybe more like a month or two, thats its normal when starting something new right ? Under my circumstances being out of a normal routine for an extended period of time made it a tiny bit harder. I knew my extended Summer vacation was over the minute I walked past 10th ave and could see 11th avenue and the Javits Center in the near distance. Just like that I was back and for those two days in trade show it was comforting seeing so many familiar faces.

Well trade shows don’t last forever and settling into a new office with new coworkers isn’t the easiest. If you know me I’m not the most outgoing and don’t open up very easily so yes the fact I’m in sales is surprising, trust me I ask myself all the time how did I end up in sales. Well I’m in it so I try to make the best of it even though at times its hard and an internal struggle. It’s my struggle but working at it everyday and some times its days or months that are easier then others. I don’t want to say it but I’m pretty sure that my “hazing period ” is over or that I hope. Okay I wasn’t being hazed but it sure did feel like that somedays, says the girl who wasn’t in a sorority. I went to FIT we didn’t have sororities and the closest you came to being hazed was the people watching that occurred. Not sure you can compare it to hazing; but darn some people sure know how to give a mean look.

Alright let me wrap this up because I’m sure your done reading this ! I do have to say I’m grateful and the ups there are downs and to always remember take it day by day.  In the end try your hardest and always remember to never let anyone or anything dim your light. Now I’m ready to walk my way into the weekend … oh wait its only Hump day!

xox – Ro


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