August 1st who care about the year .. #LeoSeason


    Another year older, another year wiser….
{ Lets make this short and sweet }

  Or a more polite way of saying your getting old. Honestly you can ask anyone of my friends and family members I am not a big Birthday celebrator type. I alway every year end up just putting something on the calendar and hoping for the best. Which in actuality really describes my type-B personality. ( outfit below is total type A , planned that one to a T ! )


When life hands you lemons make limoncello   

    These 365 days have had its ups and downs and really has showed me how great of a support system I truly have. Honestly the saying family is everything is 100% the truth and being Italian and all its like on level 200 ! From the most amazing family and friends that I look at as family, I’m truly one lucky gal! They say everything happens for a reason and what you do with the situation is truly up to you. You feel me baby ?



20597303_1389145871179130_6033360465602965200_n     So keeping this short and sweet and to the point, thank you times a million ! Grazie Mille as they say in Italy.  For all the love and support through out all my years and this year especially.  Cheer to another year ! Bring on the Rosè and the Aperol Spritz please !



xX, Ro


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