Budget babe ….


             Let me tell you about my new favorite summer dress and get this I scored it for a whomping …… $34 ! Can you believe it because honestly I can’t considering I was ready to drop $200 on a very similar look. These days practicality is my middle name because honestly its just not feasible to be blowing money like the wind. Well when I really think about it I’ve always been a good shopper, never was the kind of girl to over spend on clothing. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that Ive never over spent on clothing and or shoes; but I like to consider myself a savvy shopper with a good eye.


         So how did I come across this steal of a dress which is now my favorite dress for the the season. Well honestly I dreamt of a pink gingham dress which I’m pretty sure  was brought on by the the Audrey Reformation dress in blush and yellow gingham. Let me tell you about this dress I literally stalked it, dreamt it and tried justifying the purchase with a million different reason. I came pretty close to buying  it until the voice of reason my friend Maria told be a hard NO. I already said no to myself in my head but it was a soft no. So I searched high and low and let me tell you thank you google because I literally just typed gingham dress and BAM there it was my look for less!


Outfit details

the DRESS –  Express ps its even more on sale then when i purchased it !!

Jacket and Sneaks – One of my staple places Gap I got these a while ago but I’m sure they have similar options. 

Bag – On of my favorite sample sale purchases EVER Elizabeth and James

Shades – Ray Ban via Bloomies but mine are bronze frames not gold Sunnies

Photography credit my babe Kaitlin at Heaps of Me


xX, Ro 


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