Hello, It’s me …


Hi there !
Welcome to Royour_boat my own little space I can call my very own.  This project has been a year and months in the making and I’ve finally did it. I still can’t believe its actually up! If your fond of fashion, coffee, photography, travel and instagramable moments I think you’ll like it here. By any means I didn’t get my degree in writing  so please be kind, this place is my own little safe haven.


Hello, its me …. My name is Rosamaria but everyone calls me Ro I really do mean everyone for the most part. When people call me by my full name I swear I’m in trouble and my heart drops for a split second. Ive been called Ro for years and a friend of mine swears she came up with the nickname. I’m pretty sure my mom did; but I let her think otherwise. I mentioned before that this project has been in the making for sometime and finally I cracked the whip. A few months ago I  received a little reality check that really has helped me put things into perspective. You know the saying a blessing in disguise I truly do see it as that, but hey I’m human and sometimes my thoughts get the best of me.

So stay tuned and keep up with me the  ➵ Coffee addicted ➵ photography lover ➵ wanderlust spirit and my ever changing personal style.

xX, Ro